Weekend #6

After a busy, long, week I wasn’t exactly prepared for a busy weekend as well, but spending so much time outside walking around turned out to be the perfect antidote to all the time I spent at my desk last week. We had a guest this weekend and managed to fit a lot into about a day and a half, despite the crazy heat wave!

We started off by walking around the fifth arrondissement, and then heading to the Jardin de Luxembourg for some beers in the shade. We weren’t the only ones with this idea, but we managed to snag 3 chairs and settle in to catch up for a few hours.

Next stop was metro Bir-Hakeim for the food truck fest that I mentioned in my last post! Sadly the amazing steak truck La Brigade wasn’t there this time, but we ordered three XXL crispy chicken wraps that lived up to their name. Not exactly French food, but I guess eating with two guys in their twenties is a universal experience – any food called XXL is of interest.  The wraps were great though and filled us up for about 24 hours afterwards. 

At this point I got a text from my friends saying that they were heading to a free concert, asking if I wanted to come along. It was the FNAC live festival, and on Saturday Julien Doré was the main act. I really like his songs and the boys weren’t against the idea so we headed over to Hôtel de Ville to see if we could get a space in the crowd. Luckily we did and enjoyed an hour of music!

By 10:30 his set had ended and we were hot and super thirsty. We debated going home but decided to go up to Montmartre to the café we were at on my birthday. We enjoyed the view and some Monacos and the fact that it felt like there was a bit more of a breeze up on Butte Montmartre. This breeze was greatly shed when we got back to our flat/sauna.

Sunday morning came around pretty quickly and we had a leisurely breakfast before heading out to Galeries Lafayette to look at the view of the city. All the humidity had turned into storm clouds by this point, but it was still a lovely view. 

We walked up through the 9th arrondissement and got taken in by some amazing passages. I remember discovering Galerie Vivienne when I first arrived to Paris and always am happy to return. We wandered through and imagined what it would be like to live in one of the apartments above a passage (if you’re selling an apartment like this, let me know).

After the passage-wandering, we went to Palais Royal to sit down in the garden and enjoy some more relaxing time before our friend headed home. The garden was full of well-dressed older people out for a stroll and couples taking wedding photos, such a cozy ambiance.

And with that the weekend was over, we dropped our friend off at Gare de l’Est and made our own way home to prepare for the week ahead. How was your weekend? Comment and let me know 😊


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