June Recap

I haven’t been very active here, so I thought I would do a little photo recap to show a bit of what I’ve been up to lately! Only the fun things – though the main thing that has been preventing me from posting here is WORK, I took on a freelance translation job that basically filled up all the time before and after the day job that takes up my time from 9AM-6PM.  But the freelance project is handed in, summer is starting, and I’m looking forward to having a bit more free time. 

Two weeks ago I headed to Bretagne with three friends, to stay on a tiny island that you have to walk to when the tide is out. It was most adventurous trip I’ve had in a while, and it was amazing to explore Bretagne a bit. Stay tuned for a longer post in a few days!

This was the town our train stopped in, Lannion, aka the last civilisation we saw for a while.

The walk across to the island – lots of rocks to jump over!

Our view from the island, with the only other people on the island heading out for a paddle. 

And now back to Paris for a walk through Rue des Martyrs up to Montmartre, one of my favourite walks. I love the area around Abbesses metro station, there are so many cool shops and things to see, like this antique store. Sometimes there are wonderfully weird things on offer too (a box of doll hands, anyone?) but that’s what I like about the area. 

Well, I had thought that I would have much more to talk about but apparently most of June was all work and not much play – let’s hope I won’t say the same for July!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, bon mercredi! We’re only two days away from the weekend! 


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