Sainte Chapelle and Île de la Cité 

Happy Thursday! Mine was a bit disappointing because it felt like a Friday, and then I realized that I have one more day of work before the weekend… 

Today I’m sharing some photos of Sainte Chapelle and l’île de la Cité. L’île de la Cité is a must-see if you’re in Paris, especially if you’re interested in medieval history because this is where you can see the old palace and Sainte Chapelle, which dates back to the 12th century. It’s a small island between the Notre Dame area and the 1st Arrondissement on the other side of the Seine. You can also walk to Île Saint Louis, the home of the famous Berthillon ice cream. In nice weather it’s the perfect place to have a picnic and catch some sun by the river, but in bad weather (like today, and the day these photos were taken) I decided to go inside and discover the Sainte Chapelle!

A big flower and bird market nearby. 

A spooky entrance to the cathedral…

Beautiful ceilings, even with my less than ideal picture.

I was amazed by how detailed the floors and ceilings were, considering that they date back to the 12th century! 

Getting there: Metro Cité, line 4

 I like the Île de la Cité as it’s so central and easy to squeeze in a visit after seeing the Notre Dame, or Shakespeare and Company (both are really close by). I think Sainte Chapelle has the best stained glass that I’ve ever seen, so it’s worth a visit for that alone, but it should also interest history lovers. I have been reading about the history of Paris in a book called Metronome, so it was especially interesting knowing a bit of the history of the island. 

Have a good evening! 😊


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