Weekend #4

Hello! I’m here for my regular weekend post. I had a lovely weekend with my friends and boyfriend, even though I wish it was a long weekend like last week. I spent yesterday shopping with a friend and buying craft supplies. We did the same last weekend and have been loving spending time painting and getting ideas from around the internet, I’ve found that I really look forward to coming home to work on little projects at the end of the day. I never hear people admit this, but I don’t find my job super interesting (side note: how is every recent graduate I talk to in love with their job and really interested in what they’re doing??) so having a little creative outlet at the end of the day is refreshing. 

We first went to the BHV, which aside from selling posh clothes and everything you can imagine for your house, also has an amazing art supply section.  There is everything you could need there, I bought some watercolours last week, and this week I picked up a small box to decorate with decopatch paper, sewing supplies, and a tote bag I’m planning to embroider. I could spend ages here, there’s so much to look at since the art supplies are located beside the book section. 

After that, we went to a small shop called La Petite Épicerie, a small shop just down the street that sells beads, kits, and other supplies to make jewellery. There was so much to look at here and we spent over an hour just poking through all the small bins. Clearly many other people liked the shop too, because it was pretty busy. I bought some little beads and gifts for a friend’s birthday. 

Even though it was a bit grey out, the Marais was as pretty as always. 

Today was lovely and sunny and I finally went to the Jardins exposition at the Grand Palais that I’ve been dying to go to. It was as great as I had expected, and the scenery around the museum was just as lovely. 

I’m really looking forward to starting my little projects and seeing how they turn out! Today I started the decopatch box and it’s coming along nicely! Do you have any DIY projects you’re working on? Let me know!


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