I’m going to pick up where I left off with my last post about my birthday, when we spent the evening in Montmartre. I love parts of Montmartre, for me the area around Anvers metro stop and the Sacré Coeur are way too touristy and crowded, but Abbesses is lovely and feels more like a real neighbourhood that you can wander around and discover on your own. A cafe at Abbesses is where I met my boyfriend for the first time also, so there are lots of cheesy memories there for me. We walked around a bit as the sun was starting to set and the views from the hill were lovely. 

We found a moulin! And what looks like a very cute restaurant. 

This cafe seems ready to be a movie set 

We were searching for a boulangerie that has been ranked as having the best cheesecake in Paris, but they were closing up by the time we arrived so I will have to let you know later how the cheesecake is. We found a nice restaurant near Pigalle, with amazing chicken and a lovely chocolatey dessert (a very bad quality photo of it is below, I was too keen to start eating to care about it being lined up properly 😄). It was amazing. 

There was another restaurant we wanted to go to that was completely full, it’s called Puce and serves small plates to share and tapas. It had great reviews online and was packed so it seems like the place to go! There were also lots of cute clothing and home goods shops, so looks like I will have to come back to Abbesses another weekend. Happy Saturday! 


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