Weekend in the 11ème: Bonnes Adresses

The weather has been amazing all weekend and I’ve been trying to spend as much as time possible outdoors. Yesterday I did a little shopping to get ready for spring, because back in October when I was packing my suitcase, I planned for cold weather and somehow managed to bring almost nothing for spring/summer. Ah, the one suitcase life. It’s been nearly three years now and it has had some ups and downs. I think the past few months have been the toughest so far because when I packed I had been planning on teaching English and not working in an office, which is of course what happened. I’ve been making a list of what I need to buy in order to stop having those ‘I have nothing to wear!’ moments in the morning, and I think it’s going to be good! Here’s to a more relaxed summer with no wardrobe anxiety!

This post is going in my bonnes adresses category, where I’ll talk about some of my favourite places in Paris. This time I’ll cover some places I like in the 11ème and 3ème arrondissements in Paris. 

Last weekend I went out in Oberkampf with some friends, I had forgotten how many (generally not super expensive) bars there are there, so if you are looking for an area for your next night out I’d recommend it!  Less busy than Bastille and also less drunk students and stag parties, for a more chill vibe.

I like the 11th a lot, and many of my friends live there so we end up there pretty often. We went to La Mercerie, which has a great happy hour and also sometimes hosts vintage sales if you pass by in the daytime. The next day was a bit rough (damn you margaritas) so my friend, her boyfriend, and I headed out to brunch since we woke up starving. We went to Chez Justine, which has a pretty good brunch for 16 euro, not cheap but it was quite a bit of food and I wasn’t hungry again until much later in the day. Really good eggs florentine, and fresh pressed juice. 

After that, for a bit of recovery in the sun we walked to the garden outside of Carreau de Temple, and picked up coffee at one of my favourite coffee shops in Paris, Lily of the Valley. It’s so cute there and in such a lovely area, their cakes are amazing as well. The cafe was packed with people so we grabbed a bench at the nearby park. 

I’d never been here before, but it was so lovely and also offered great people-watching. I’ll be back! 

 Today i was closer to home at the Bois de Boulogne, the perfect picnic location. Finally out of hibernation and back to my warm weather life!


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