This weekend I celebrated my 25th birthday (cue the quarter-life crisis)! Luckily, it was a Saturday so I had all the time in the world to relax and see my favourite people. The cold I complained about in my last posts kept getting worse and worse and I also somehow picked up an eye infection, so I finally had to go to the doctor and so I went into the weekend full of antibiotics and just wanting to sleep. Since my last day being 24 was spent with a swelled up eye and a nasty cough,  I didn’t make any huge plans for the next day. A birthday with no vodka-fuelled poor decisions, this is something I might try to do every year now! 

My idea for a chill birthday afternoon with friends was to have an afternoon tea. After some internet searching, I decided to go to the Grande Mosquée in Paris, because it’s something different and won’t break the bank like some of the other afternoon teas on offer in Paris, and also because baklava is amazinggg. I’d actually been here before once with my dad, but on a quiet weekday morning, so being there on a Saturday was quite different since it was packed with people (these photos are from the quiet morning). We still had no problem getting a table and tucked in to some tea and pastries. You can go up to the counter and order what you like, my friends picked a good variety and then we all shared. I love the baklava here and the pistachio pastry, all with some mint tea. 

I love how this place is totally different from other cafés in Paris, and you really feel like you’re walking into another country. Mini vacation for the cost of a cup of tea!

This place has so many cool areas and courtyards to wander. I also think there is a hammam there, so if that’s your thing then I’m sure this would be a great place for it. 

*not as quiet on a sunny Saturday, like last weekend 

I’ll be back to soak up to the sun here in the summer 

The resident cat!

If you like patterns, you’ll love it here. 

Sadly I have no photos of the pastries, as we were all hungry and ate them immediately. After this we had a nice walk through Jardin des Plantes.  I lived quite close to it when I first moved to Paris nearly 3 (!) years ago and I love it there. After such a blah week of being sick it was so amazing to be out in the sun with friends. Spring is my favourite season and every year when it starts to get sunny and warm out, I feel my mood improve by approximately 300%.  

How can you not smile when it’s like this outside? 

We left the Jardin des Plantes and headed out for a long walk down rue Mouffetard, where I said bye to my friends and headed off to the 18th arrondissement to meet my boyfriend. I’m realizing that this has become a super long post, so I’ll make a part two  for the rest of the day. 

I can’t wait for more sunny weekends and already want to go back to the Grande Mosquée and Jardin des Plantes again. If you have any other suggestions for afternoon tea in Paris let me know! 


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