Five things #2

I’ve been absent from the blog all week because the cold I started to get last Sunday turned into got much worse and I’m still getting over it. There’s nothing worse than being sick over the weekend but I managed to do some reading and slept a ton, so it wasn’t all bad. Here’s my second edition of my five favourite things of the week. 

1. Avene anti-rougeurs cleansing milk

My skin had been acting up recently and feeling really itchy, tight and red. I have Rosacea and eczema so basically I am always trying to keep my skin calm and happy. This does the trick! I got a small sample of it from Shoppers Drug Mart when I was in Canada and just bought a big bottle of it at the pharmacy here in Paris. It lasts a long time so I could see the big bottle lasting for a year. At 13€ a bottle that’s not a bad deal. 

2. A Little Life

My friend lent me her copy of this book and I have been completely engrossed in it since I started. It’s quite sad and definitely not easy or relaxing to read, but I’ve enjoyed it so far and am equally interested and nervous to see what happens at the end. Warning: you may cry while reading it, like I nearly did on the metro coming home from work. 

3. Batignolles 

I think this is one of the cutest areas of Paris, and definitely on of my favourites. I was here on Friday night to meet up with a friend and was reminded of how much I like it here. There are so many cute restaurants and little shops. I’m always keeping an eye out for apartment listings here!

4. Sam Edelman Petty boots

I bought a pair of these boots in uni and wore them non-stop for 4 years for everything from going to the bar to hiking. Since they finally wore out last year I have found myself at a loss for what shoes to wear pretty often. I bought a cheaper lookalike pair from Forever 21 in the fall when I was looking for work but they didn’t hold up as well and weren’t nearly as comfortable, so last week I decided it was time to buy another pair of my favourite boots. I couldn’t find exactly the same ones (I used to have the ones with a brown wooden heel, the new ones have a black heel) but they’re basically the same. They arrived on Friday and I couldn’t be more satisfied to have these boots back in my life. If you’re looking for boots that go with everything and are not crazy expensive (I got mine on sale at Zalando for €137, I think) these are ideal. 

5. Garance Doré Pardon my French podcast 

This podcast has been brightening up my days at work this week. I’ve followed Garance’s blog for a long time, and started listening to her podcast during quiet times at work. I think she and her guests are really interesting and give a fun perspective on whatever they’re talking about. I always feel more relaxed after listening to this podcast, like I’ve spent some time listening to friends talk. 

Hope you are having a lovely week! This Saturday is my birthday, so I can’t wait for the weekend, and am hoping to be completely over this cold by then! 🎂 


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