Weekend #2

I wish I could say it has been an eventful weekend, but unfortunately I’ve lost my voice and have mostly stayed cooped up in the apartment trying to get better. I did venture out yesterday with a friend to go book shopping, which was ideal since I’ve run out of things to read on my commute. We went to Gibert Joseph at Saint Michel, and I was pleasantly surprised by how many good deals there were! A lot of the books were used, so I got 4 for 17€, not bad at all. One is in English and the rest are in French, but I was surprised at how many English books they had there, for better prices than you usually find also. This is my stack of books, I’ve been meaning to read the bottom two for a while and the top ones I just randomly chose. 

After that we had a beer at a bar that we usually go to in the area, Bistro des Artistes. It’s tiny and cozy, and most importantly, they have 3€ pints. 

After that, I came home to have some sushi and watch the Office with my boyfriend (wild Saturday night). We’ve made it to season seven now and I’m dreading the end because we’ll have to find a new series to watch.  

It has been lovely sunny weather all weekend and we moved the bench from our kitchen outside this morning to eat our breakfast outside. I’m so ready for spring! 

Taken on Friday evening before the sunny weather started… I hope we don’t go back to this grey rainy weather. 

What did you do this weekend? If you have any book recommendations for my next trip to the book store let me know in the comments below! 


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