Five things #1

Hello there, I’m checking in with a quick post about my five favourite things this week. I’ve seen this on other blogs and really liked the idea. I especially like taking a few minutes to think of good things on a Wednesday, which always seems to be my least favourite day of the week.

1. Banana bread – I love baking and on Monday evening I made banana bread. We have the world’s tiniest kitchen and only a toaster oven to bake things in, which has made baking a bit more complicated, but my trusty banana bread always turns out fine. I haven’t really been sticking to an exact recipe, and it changes based on whatever is on hand (does anyone else always assume that they have eggs, when in fact they never have eggs) but banana bread is pretty forgiving.

Clearly not going to be winning any food photography awards, but here is the glorious chocolate chip banana bread.

2. Melvita cleanser – I picked up a new cleanser in the pharmacy and have been loving it! It’s gentle on my skin and I haven’t had any Rosacea issues since starting to use this, thankfully. The smell is amazing too, there was actually a day last week where I looked forward to getting home and taking off my makeup so I could smell this cleanser. It’s also organic, which is something I have been getting more interested in recently. I’m not sure if they sell this brand in North America, but it is everywhere here in France (and I assume the rest of the EU).

3. The Office – My boyfriend and I have been watching the Office together lately. I watched a few seasons of it years ago but it’s his first time seeing it, and I’ve been finding it super relaxing to watch in the evenings after work. I also have cried laughing twice in the past month because of it, so there’s that.

4. Sézane – This is a French brand that I’ve fallen in love with. I bought a sweater from them last week and can’t wait for it to arrive. They just put out a lookbook for the upcoming season and I’m in love with the whole collection, especially this bag! I love the colour and it looks like the perfect everyday bag.

5. Lunchtime – Ok, I know everyone likes lunch but lately I have been taking time to walk around and get out of the office and have been loving it! Today I went to a small restaurant and read a magazine and it was pretty much the best 45 minutes of my day. It’s been raining every day here in Paris so I took advantage of a pause in the rain and had a bit of a walk today, rather than running out under my umbrella to grab a sandwich, then scurrying back up to my desk.

A very grey and damp Paris.

Hope you are having a lovely Wednesday, and a happy International Woman’s Day! 😊


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