Weekend à Champagne

It’s been a busy past few weeks but luckily we got the chance to relax a bit this weekend, and took the train out to the country to visit my boyfriend’s family. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the country but I find leaving the city and seeing some green empty space can be really refreshing. I’ve  been really lucky to find that his family is so nice and welcoming to me and I always look forward to visiting them (and cuddling their two cats).

We always take the train into Provins, which is just on the edge of Île-de-France (Paris region) and Champagne. We do this because it’s free to take the train inside Ile-de France with our monthly passes, and costs €20 to take it directly into Champagne, so luckily there are always some kind parents waiting for us at Provins station who will drive us the rest of the way.

This time we drove into Troyes to see “les maisons Champenoises”… My boyfriend grew up in a small town near here and studied here and I have been wanting to visit ever since our first date when he showed me the pictures of it. We haven’t had the time before since we’re usually there for family events but it was well worth the wait! It’s a really charming town and I loved all the wooden houses and history.



Just outside of where we stopped for crêpes 🥞


Recently a lot of the houses have been restored, with concrete behind the wood for stability and safety. These are some of the renovated ones, I love the colours.


I love this time of day when the sun is just setting, I think the light is so lovely.


These houses have been here since the Middle Ages, and are starting to lean, so the beams in the middle are holding them up


Fairy-tale house.

I came back from this weekend more motivated to visit new places, so we have been looking at train tickets ever since. I’m hoping that the next few weeks will include more new places and maybe trips to some old favourites… it feels like time to visit my favourite town, Aix-en-Provence again!



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