Finding a balance 

This post will be a little different than my other ones, but I can definitely see it becoming something that I talk about more regularly as I think it’s really important. 

The last few weeks have been tough as my new job has gotten busier and busier and I’m faced with meeting deadlines on a scale that I haven’t encountered before. This was really taking a toll on my mental health, my sleep habits, and my emotions, so in the past couple of days I’ve really been making an effort to reverse this pattern and focus on myself and what I need to do to feel better. In this post I’ll talk about some of the changes I have been making and I would love to hear any tips that you might have!
I find exercise can really help me to relax and feel better, and I hadn’t been doing much since I started my job in December. This week, I started to wake up a bit earlier to do a workout video from YouTube before I do the rest of my morning routine. I had wanted to join a gym, but with an unpredictable and long workday (pretty often 9-7) I thought it might just add more stress if I feel like I have to stop at a gym after work. And to be honest, by 7:30 when I get home, all I want to do is have dinner. Gym prices in Paris also aren’t cheap, nothing like my beloved GoodLife at home. So spending 65€ a month for the gym near my place wasn’t an ideal option. Do you guys have any gym recommendations in the Paris area? I used to love Affordable Yoga and Fitness but sadly the class times and locations worked much better for me when I was a grad student and could go to a 2pm class.

Another area I’ve been trying (trying is the key word here) to do is relax more. I downloaded a mindfulness app because I have always been anxious enough, especially in new social situations, so a new job has kind of pushed me over the edge into red alert anxiety levels. I realized this when I was stressing over sending an email to a coworker and kept rewriting it, eventually my mind was like okay ENOUGH, this is completely crazy.  The mindfulness app has helped a bit before bed, as that’s usually when my mind is going a mile a minute. The app that I have been using is called Calm, it’s free with some paid content that so far I have been too cheap to pay for. I’ve liked it so far because it takes my mind off of whatever I’m thinking about and the sessions I have been doing take under 10 minutes, so it’s not that daunting to start. 

My favourite thing that I’ve been trying to do is to take some time for myself. I was getting quite burnt out from being at work all day, then running out to get groceries and cook dinner for my boyfriend and I. I’m sure many other people living with someone must have this problem, where in theory the housework should be shared but then you realize you’ve cooked dinner for the past two weeks and it’s been the same with doing the dishes and you just want to go on strike… I’ll save that for another post haha. This week I have been really trying to squeeze in time to see friends for a coffee or just be on my own and read without feeling like I have to do anything else. I know often i’m my own worst enemy because I’ll feel like the apartment has to be tidy or things have to be perfect, but that’s not really true and if the dishes are in the sink for a day then that’s just life. 

This was taken on a walk I took- I find walking can help clear my head and feel calm. 

I went to bed really early last night as Wednesday had been rough and I’m already feeling better. Let’s see if I can take this feeling into the rest of the week! I hope that this post isn’t too long and rambling, but I think lots of us struggle with finding balance sometimes.  Do you have any tips for managing stress?
Have a happy Thursday! X


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  1. I actually wrote the other day about my strategy for dealing with stressful times. Although I am really also getting more and more into the mindfulness thing, it is new to me but I keep hearing people talking about it. What was the name of the app?

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