Christmas in Paris 

December was busy, with lots of things coming together all at once. I had interviews, got hired, and started a new job all in a matter of a few weeks. I was sad to say goodbye to the little kindergartens who I taught English to, even after the giant Christmas concert meltdown on my second-last day (in summary: there was a brawl over Pokemon cards, someone fell down the stairs, and about five kids cried). Anyways, I am trying out a new job on a six-month contract and will see where it leads! 

I love Paris in the weeks leading up to Christmas, it always seems more cozy and I don’t mind the cold as much when everything looks festive and pretty. It was my second year not being home for Christmas, which is always a little tough. This year my boyfriend and I visited his family for Christmas, which was lovely but I was a bit worried as it was my first time meeting them. Of course they were super nice, and I was worried for nothing in the end. They live in a small town in Champagne, and I already want to go back and explore the area since we were too busy eating and drinking to really do much exploring. It’s so nice to get out of the city sometimes and even though I only had three days off for Christmas I came back feeling really relaxed. 

It was my first Christmas not having the typical Anglo Christmas foods, and I have to say I did miss the turkey, mashed potatoes and Christmas pudding. Last year I was in England at a friend’s house, where everything was exactly the same as it would be at home in Canada, but this year I entered the world of French Christmas cuisine. There was a lot more seafood/fish, which was good but definitely different. We had soup with scallops as a starter and then a really nice cod filet for dinner. The star of the show for me though was the bûche de Noel, since I got the cute piece with the deer 🙂

Our flat is way too small for a real tree, so I was happy to finally see one!

Ready to eat!

I was loving the Christmas deco at this cafe on my way to work. 

I loved these tiny trees in the window at the florist’s. Sadly, they were 40 euros and I couldn’t justify that. I did buy a cute (and more budget-friendly) origami tree that is still sitting on our kitchen table. 

Ladurée in the 6th arrondissement looking lovely. If you are in the area there is a cafe on rue Bonaparte right across from Ladurée where they make great mulled wine!

Hope you all had a lovely and relaxing holiday! 


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