Back to Paris 

As the title of this post suggests, I’m back in Paris. Back to eating pain au chocolat, walking everywhere, and spending lazy lunch hours in the Jardin du Luxembourg. I arrived a few weeks ago and have been thinking about starting to post on this blog regularly again. We’ll see if that happens!

The past two years have been full of changes, from finishing university to moving back to Canada, starting a new job and then ultimately leaving again to wind up back here. I remember wanting an adventure when I was leaving home the first time, and I can certainly say I’ve achieved that, if nothing else. 

I’m here for an indefinite amount of time, living with the boyfriend in a tiny flat and teaching English part-time to make some money while hunting for something more permanent. I have some job interviews lined up in the upcoming days, although I’ve had about 50 interviews since completing my master’s degree and have become significantly less optimistic after a year of post-graduate life. If anyone out there is reading this and can send me some positive job searching energy, it would be much appreciated!
I’ll have to cut my post short for now as I have attempted to bake a cake in our tiny toaster oven and I suspect that it may not be going well. Life in a flat with no oven has lead to some successes (potato gratin in the toaster oven) and failures (probably this cake). If anyone has tips on cooking without an oven, I’d love to hear them!

Here are a few of the pictures I’ve taken throughout the past few weeks on my walks / adventures in Paris. 

Breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday = heaven

Spotted a lovely building while walking to the metro after one of my interviews. 

River views. 

I think this was taken near the Île Saint Louis… we spent an afternoon exploring here and found some lovely shops and restaurants that I’ll be talking about in a later post. 

Lucky enough to have this sunset during a crisp walk by the Seine. 


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