Vacation in Venice

As you can all see, I changed my blog name! Inspired by the number of times people here have called me peach, and the guy at starbucks who always greets me with a “bonjour peach!”

Anyways, I just got back from a trip to Venice.  The city was beautiful, if a little crowded because of Carnival.  Last week I had a string of pretty bad luck that continued on to this trip (someone tried to rob me, I had massive extra fees from ryanair thanks to a huge blonde moment on my behalf, and just assorted small things that made me feel like nothing was going my way) but that didn’t take away from how lovely the city was at all.  Here’s hoping that things turn around for me in the future, I’m blaming mercury being in retrograde for all the craziness.


It was Carnival time, so there were loads of people all dressed up in masks and costumes.
No matter how cold it is, I always go for the gelato. This was vanilla gelato with amaretto on top and it was AMAZING
We took the ferry to the island of murano and it was so beautiful… much quieter than the rest of venice and surrounded by lovely ocean

We got lost on the way to St. Mark’s cathedral but it was well worth the walk.

IMG_3556[1] IMG_3563[1]

IMG_3632[1] IMG_3590[1] mee me meee

This month is really busy, I’m off to Amsterdam tomorrow and feel like I’ve barely been home at all in the past few weeks. Hope you all have a nice weekend and get to enjoy some valentine’s day chocolate!


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