Lazy Afternoon at the Louvre

My school schedule here is pretty heavy – long days studying finance and international business law aren’t exactly the most interesting.  So a few days ago I decided to take the afternoon off and take care of some visa paperwork and then do some of my favourite things.  The visa paperwork was finished in a few minutes (this never happens in France, I was amazed) and I was left with a bunch of time to wander one of my favourite neighbourhoods, the Marais.  I had really been hoping to go to the Musée Picasso, but as it was a Monday I sadly discovered it was closed.  So, I headed over to the one museum that never really closes – the Louvre.  I think I could go to the Louvre a hundred times and never even come close to seeing everything; the collection is so vast that each time I feel like I’ve been walking for hours and I’ve really only explored about one wing.  Ever since I found out that with my EU student visa I get free entry to a lot of the museums I’ve been spending a lot of time wandering around museums.

I might be the Egyptian art section’s #1 fan

01d06361386681e27ef0eebe162c6a4a32de03bdb6 010c5506d930e1c80b859b86d1c21ec94623316435 015d57667994edf210d0c6e8cc031ee8208957092c 01117a9757c6a31a49a4d15beca927f3103625e1e7 01860f299dd455e92bcf7c715d9bac9124cbda641d


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! x


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