Thanksgiving in Paris

Last week was American Thanksgiving, and some of my American and Canadian classmates and I decided to take on the task of cooking Thanksgiving dinner in Paris.
Canadian thanksgiving was in October, but none of us were going to let that stop us from eating turkey and pumpkin pie.  Getting all of the ingredients together was WAY harder than it is at home (finding canned pumpkin was a mission, and I still have no idea how the french bake without baking soda) and then cooking our food was also interesting (tiny French ovens for a big turkey, and my house has no measuring cups for some unknown reason).  But miraculously, it all came together and was one of the best nights I’ve had here in Paris so far.  We all got together at my friend Emily’s lovely apartment and enjoyed a peaceful night during a crazy week of midterms and assignments.


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I made pumpkin pie and pumpkin loaf with salted caramel glaze… I love to bake but the conditions at my host family’s house aren’t exactly perfect for it, so I was thrilled that everything turned out!  I felt like a pioneer guessing all of the measurements and mixing everything by hand, but at least now I know that I can basically bake anywhere!

The feast… Cornbread, turkey, sweet potatoes and stuffing.  I didn’t realize how much I had missed food from home until I ate all of this good stuff. Nothing says North American food like two kinds of potatoes on your plate.


So thankful for my friends and family and the fact that I can eat pumpkin pie wherever I go in the world.


2 comments on “Thanksgiving in Paris

    • Ah that’s too bad! I find cooking tough here, I had no idea how the oven works here so I just ended up watching the pie the whole time it cooked haha. I didn’t pre-cook it, just brushed it with a little egg yolk and popped it in with the rest of the pie. I cheated and used pastry from Monoprix for the crust and it seemed to be pretty good!


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