Christmas in Paris

Every year around this time, I start feeling festive and start my Christmas shopping.  This year it hasn’t really felt like winter without the Canadian snow that I’m used to, but I’m sure I’ll see more than enough of that while I’m back home for the holidays.  Although Christmas lights don’t seem to be as popular here, the Galeries Lafayette and some of the other big department stores definitely go all out with their decorations.  Here are some of the Christmassy things I’ve seen on my travels around town!



I love the huge trees at Place Vendome!


Printemps, where I didn’t get any Christmas gifts for anyone but did manage to pick up a new Longchamp for myself for school, oops.


The best hot chocolate at L’Autre cafe in the 11th.  I love it here! Free wifi, cozy atmosphere, and a great place to study.


Some festive lights near Boulevard Saint-Germain.

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The upside down tree at Galeries Lafayette… so impressive but insanely crowded, I think I arrived just as a bus tour pulled up and I could barely elbow my way inside let alone shop.

I love the holidays and am really looking forward to enjoying them here in Paris! If you have any suggestions for things I should do while I’m here please let me know!


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