Milan Adventures + Lake Como


Last week some friends from school and I decided to make our own long weekend and head to Milan for three days.  I was really excited because it was my first time there and since I love coffee, pasta, and fashion Milan seemed like a great place to start.  Even though it rained the entire time we were there (I have never seen so much rain in my life) I had a great time and loved Italy!  This is a pretty picture heavy post so grab a snack and settle in!


Castle sforza


The galleria – If I had a million euro to spend, this is where I’d do it.


A mini arc de triomphe in the park


At this point the rain had stopped for a bit, and the park was very quiet and beautiful as the sun went down.


Lots of cool buildings and art galleries in downtown Milan.  I loved all the old stone buildings and how well-preserved they were.

Little-known fact about me – I am a huge fan of old churches.  The church I went to growing up was in a really old and interesting building, and while not much of the religion stuck for me, it started my interest in old cathedrals and churches.  So, obviously the Duomo was a must-see for me.  It’s free and open to all visitors as long as there isn’t a service going on, and I really recommend a visit!

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On the second day we all bundled up in our new rain gear and got on the train to Lake Como.  After a few mishaps and a lot of confusion we were finally on the right train and headed out for a day at the lake.  I didn’t really know anything about Lake Como except for the fact that George Clooney has a house there, and I was blown away by how much I loved this place.  I’m a big fan of the water and it’s definitely something I’ve been missing while here in Paris so this was a really nice change.  I’m already hoping to come back in the summer when I’m done my thesis and (hopefully) have some time to relax!  We took a ferry around some of the towns on the lake, and wandered around a bit until most of our umbrellas had broken and our rainboots had filled with water (it was THAT rainy…).  There were a bunch of friendly little cafes all around and I had the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had at one of them.



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This stylish dog in a raincoat was loving the weather more than any of us did!


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The coldest, soggiest ferry ride.

The train ride home was long and we all fell asleep before heading out for aperitivo.  Basically, for 8 euros we could get a cocktail and a buffet dinner which seemed like a great combination.  Our waiter was really friendly and we ended up getting a few more of the restaurant’s crazy cocktails and some free shots.  I don’t have any pictures from that night, but here’s the gelato I ate the next morning! Tiramisu gelato, brunch of champions.



Even the rain couldn’t stop me from loving this city! Great weekend of friends, food, and travel.


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