What I’ve Been Up to This Week

This week has been pretty busy, started off late for class on Monday morning after I overslept due to my train adventure on Sunday night. I don’t find the MBA coursework to be too hard, but there are a ton of assignments and presentations that keep me pretty busy! I’ve also been running a lot, I signed up for the Paris half marathon yesterday in a moment of insanity so we’ll see how that goes.  Considering I can only run about 11 k right now, I guess I’m halfway there.  At least all the cardio will balance out the vast number of croissants and pastries I’ve been eating…

Speaking of pastry, on Monday I had maybe the best field trip of my life.  My marketing class group and I went to Ladurée together to check out their branding strategy, and it was great.  Beautiful store and beautiful products.  I ate a mille-feuille which was good but very sweet, maybe better to split between a few people.

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Blurry picture of the group


I’ve had a really good week so far, with my french conversation group meeting yesterday and finally feeling  caught up and settled in to Paris.  However, I need to start apartment hunting soon for January, so I can’t really rest for long.

Have a good Thursday night everyone!


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