Weekend in Amsterdam – Day 1

For the past month my classmates and I have been looking to organize a weekend trip.  Now that I’m all settled in here in Paris, and my Friday class was cancelled, it seemed like the perfect time to get away.  One of my friends was thinking the same thing, so in the middle of last week we booked a last-minute trip to Amsterdam.  We did it fairly cheaply, using a rideshare to get there, and staying in an Airbnb.  Which meant that I had more budget leftover for shopping!

We left at 7 am and crossed through a lot of French and Belgian countryside on the way.  It was nice to see farms and greenspace again as that’s not something there’s much of in Paris.  Once we got to the house I was pleasantly surprised – it was beautiful and looked out onto a canal.

definitely a room with a view
Definitely a room with a view! Also, how cute is it that people fish in the canals.

We then ventured back into town to wander around a bit.  There was a stand selling canal boat cruises and we spontaneously decided to take one.  Definitely worth it, it was an amazing way to see the city!

After this we moved on to find dinner – my friend Damalie wanted to try Indonesian food so we went to the first Indonesian restaurant we saw.  The interior of the restaurant was a bit dusty and gloomy and the hallway to the bathroom was so dirty and alarming that I had really low expectations – I was mostly just hoping to leave without getting food poisoning.  Still not sure about the health and safety aspect but the food ended up being really good! Although for me the real star of the show was the cheap beer.  After a summer of mostly keg beer, it was nice to have beer that wasn’t gross and warm.

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The next day I went to the Rijksmuseum – ended up going alone which worked well because I think museums are just so much better solo.  You can wander and look at things at your own pace and get lost in your own thoughts.

First of all, I LOVED the Rijksmuseum.  Less crowded than many of the museums in Paris and really well curated and displayed.  There were little plaques beside most artworks that explained the history of the piece, which were really interesting.  As a big art history fan, I spent a ton of time loitering around and reading them all.

No day is complete without a coffee break. This store claimed to have “Amsterdam’s best coffee” and it was really good.  It was tucked in the top floor of a bookshop with a nice view of the canal.


I had a bit of time left to wander, so I ended up doing a bit of shopping.  Bought a new sweater, black shirt, and a silky tank for going out.  Nothing very exciting but it replaced a bunch of staples in my wardrobe that I have worn to death.  I fell in love with a 300 euro necklace in an antique jewellery shop but I somehow managed to tear myself away.  Even for the world’s worst budgeter that’s a bit of a crazy purchase. The street style in Amsterdam is very modern and minimalist, everyone looked interesting and stood out a bit more than in Paris where it sometimes seems like everyone is wearing the same black coat.

I wandered a bit through the art gallery area of the city near Museumsplein – so many interesting galleries all in one place.  Spotted a Banksy print in one window.


After that we got dressed up and went out to enjoy Amsterdam’s nightlife! The only picture I have from that night is of me snuggling with a beer bottle, and I don’t think anyone needs to see that!


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