Grey days

France has a lot of areas where it outshines Canada, but autumn definitely isn’t one of them. Fall is one of my favourite seasons back at home – I love the leaves changing, Thanksgiving dinner with the family, and my annual trip to the pumpkin patch with my mom. I’ve had insane turkey and pumpkin pie cravings since I missed Canadian thanksgiving, and am in the process of tracking the pie ingredients down over here.

Fall here

Fall at home – sigh

So basically as a result of midterms this week and all the grey weather, I’ve been feeling a little blah. Since my last midterm was today, I ventured out to wander around and do a little shopping afterwards. I actually ended up finding two of the coolest areas I’ve seen in Paris so far, le Marais and Cour Saint-Emilion!


As a big fan of shopping, BHV le Marais was basically my dream. This store actually has everything you could ever want. The fine foods section was amazing and I bought a few gifts – these chocolate bars are so cute!


Clearly didn’t get away without buying a few things for myself as well, but that’s another post haha

There was also this patisserie inside, I would have loved to stop on but I don’t think my wallet or my waistline could handle it… I know the freshman 15 is a thing, but I swear the France 15 is even more real

Sadly my phone died before I could take all the pictures I wanted, but I’m planning on going back pretty soon after some weekend adventure to Amsterdam!


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