Day at the Louvre

School’s been really busy lately – it’s been nice to be back on a schedule and meet some new friends, but the classes are SO long in France and are really eating into my spare time.  Last week I made it to the Louvre and it was well worth the wait! Thanks to a tip from a friend I found a “secret” door and skipped the insane line outside at the Pyramid.


The museum is absolutely massive so at first I just followed the crowds of people, which brought me to this…


The amounts of people with Gopro cameras on sticks was a little crazy and definitely not what I’m used to… My favourite museum at home is generally pretty quiet and you’re often the only person in a room so this was a little disconcerting for me.


I think my favourite thing about the Louvre is the beautiful old building that it’s in. There are windows everywhere looking down onto gorgeous views and everything is so detailed and luxurious.


Even the ceilings are impressive.

I’m sure I barely even saw a quarter of what was on display, but I did wander around a bunch and find my way into Napoleon’s apartments….


And use his mirror for a quick selfie.  His living conditions in Paris were slightly more upscale than mine are…


After all the walking around I was starving, and to be honest I wasn’t wearing the most comfortable shoes so I was dying to sit down.  I looked out the window at one point and saw people eating at a terrace cafe, so I hunted for the entrance and ended up at on a beautiful balcony.  I ended up with an average sandwich and battled off a few pigeons, but the view was definitely a 10/10.


Amazing day out and I’d love to go back a few more times, definitely a place I could spend a rainy Sunday exploring.


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