Today was really busy – so much walking but definitely worth it. I was a little tired (and a little cranky) considering that waking up at 9am here feels like it’s 4am thanks to jet lag. So I decided to put off figuring out the métro until later in the day when I had more caffeine and I walked from the apartment to Nôtre-dame. It was about a 45 minute walk but I got lost a few times so that probably slowed me down a bit. Luckily, as someone who gets lost ALL THE TIME, I found really nice gardens and buildings each time I got lost. On the way to Nôtre-dame I took a wrong turn and ended up in the Jardin des plantes which was absolutely beautiful and a lucky mistake to find.

Then I went on to the cathedral – it was even bigger than I had expected and very ornate. The lines were massive though so I didn’t bother heading inside and just took some pictures around the area.

I went on to some of the famous sites in the neighbourhood like the Shakespeare and company bookstore and the Sorbonne. I would have liked to go inside but they actually had guards at the door of the university! Pretty crazy to imagine that but then again no university in Canada is really a tourist destination, mostly just awful 70s architecture and stressed students running around. At this point, my phone died and I had to figure out a way back, by metro this time because my feet were about to fall off. Luckily I found a map and somehow worked my way back to the apartment. This is already a pretty long post, so I’ll post pictures from the rest of the day tomorrow!
Tomorrow’s the orientation for the first day of uni, excited to meet some people and figure out my classes!






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